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The Charlton REAS Foundation, Inc. is now taking heating applications. If you need assistance, or you know someone who does, please call 508-868-5289. Applications are available online or at the Charlton Senior Center.

REAS Foundation (Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors) is built upon the belief that the greatness of a community is ultimately judged not so much by the beauty or magnificence of its structures, but rather, by its compassion, contributions, and care for its most vulnerable members. Charlton REAS Foundation, Inc. Board of Directors is a group of volunteers who care about the health and wellbeing of senior citizens. This organization service area is exclusive to the Town of Charlton.

We are fortunate to live in the greatest country in the world, greatly due to the sweat and toils of our seniors, whose contributions and sacrifices are innumerable. All too many of our seniors, who have dedicated so much to our community, now find themselves in difficult and sometimes desperate economic times.

Rising energy costs, which in turn drive the costs of many associated items, coupled with fixed incomes, have placed many of our seniors in difficult and dangerous predicaments. Their incomes are now fast outpaced by escalating energy prices. Choices between fuel, food, and prescriptions medications are becoming all too common for many of our seniors.

We at the REAS Foundation are committed to doing everything possible to assist qualifying seniors with their energy costs via grants paid directly to their utility providers, heating and cooling contractors and vendors, and other direct providers of heating and cooling products and services. We are dedicated to ensuring that those who have laid the foundation for this great community are able to find a degree of comfort in their twilight years.

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