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Thank you to the following vendors, businesses, organizations and individuals who helped the Charlton REAS Foundation raise over $12,400 from the annual Taste of the Towns and lottery calendar fundraisers! Read the Press Release.

January 2019 Lottery Calendar WINNERS:

1st: Dave Hillis
2nd: Tim O'Connor
3rd: Tim O’Connor
4th: Gail Zaleski
5th: Nicole Law
6th: Cecile Desrosiers
7th: Christoper McClure
8th: Ziola Vincent
9th: Andrea Humphries
10th: Karon Marcelli
11th: Lois Sugrue
12th: Chester Drake
13th: Jerry Ferguson
14th: Marybeth Kaczynski
15th: Charlene Fox
16th: Diane Grondin
17th: Jeff Veideman
18th: Rikay Lundberg
19th: Liz Murphy
20th: Lois Sugrue
21st: Cindy Zerdecki
22nd: Pat Haddock
23rd: Tim O’Connor
24th: Tom Hilaire
25th: Jamie Tully
26th: Cheryl Sauriol
27th: Jeff Veideman
28th: Eric & Kerry Breinlinger
29th: Megan Hammond
30th: Paul Faford
31st: Brian Wilbur

Thank you to our 2017-2018 Donors and Sponsors!

January 2018 Lottery Calendar WINNERS:

1st: Richard Brigham
2nd: George LaCasse
3rd: David Landine
4th: Joan Shafer
5th: Steve Zinkowsky
6th: Danielle Cole
7th: George LaCasse
8th: Ronnie Gauthier
9th: Scott Kondracki
10th: Darlene Tully
11th: Darlene Lacey
12th: Paula Gauthier
13th: Zachary Tremblay
14th: Lucille Woodcock
15th: Lauren Ducat & Malik
16th: Anne Clotar
17th: Marcia Hurley
18th: Matt Daly
19th: Chris Hall
20th: Steven Pierce
21st: Joyce McNeaney
22nd: Debra Twigg
23rd: Frankie Gaylord
24th: Robert Guerin
25th: Debra Twigg
26th: Pam LeBlanc
27th: Gina & Tony Kruzel
28th: Kyle O’Brien
29th: Jarrod Woodcock
30th: Don Steen
31st: Ray Delisle

Thank you to the following vendors, businesses, organizations and individuals who helped the Charlton REAS Foundation raise over $14,300 from the annual Taste of the Towns and Lottery Calendar fundraisers 2016! Read the press release.

January 2016 Lottery Calendar WINNERS:

1st: Michael Fredette
2nd: Mary Gould
3rd: Arlene Kingston
4th: Gerald LaRiviere
5th: Ian Charpentier
6th: Bob Kingman
7th: Robert Abaciano
8th: Helen Herbert
9th: Barbara Faford
10th: Franklyn Gaylord
11th: Myles Lemansky
12th: M. Flynn
13th: John Simons
14th: Barbara Burdzel
15th: Diane Leite
16th: Nicole Conway
17th: Nancy Duby
18th: Maureen Caplette
19th: Anne Mathieu
20th: Louise Mason
21st: Brian Garney
22nd: Sylvia Murphy
23rd: Al Lapierre
24th: Dave Stewart
25th: Doreen Dewitte
26th: Daniel Robert
27th: George Bitsakis
28th: Carol Cristo
29th: Joy Parker
30th: Kathleen Pelly
31st: Fran Mann

January 2015 Lottery Calendar WINNERS:

1st: Lois Scott
2nd: Randy Berg
3rd: John Bartoletti
4th: Robert Hartwig
5th: Brian Deluca
6th: David Zaleski
7th: Monique Belanger
8th: Lee Dufault
9th: James Smith
10th: Megan Szolusha
11th: Lois Scott
12th: Shirley Pelletier
13th: Ray Underwood
14th: John Flynn
15th: Jeffery Kaszowski
16th: Michael Shaw
17th: Barbara Kroell
18th: Betty Lefort
19th: Terri Gough
20th: Joan Holmes
21st: Lois Scott
22nd: Gina Ricardi
23rd: Greg Vengel
24th: Peter Boria
25th: Jeanette Russell
26th: Robert Lucia
27th: Wayne Russell
28th: Patrick McGrath
29th: Richard Roussel
30th: Wyatt Gibeault
31st: Lois Scott

Thank you Southbridge Savings Bank!!

Southbridge Savings Bank Donation to REASThank you! On behalf of the Charlton REAS Foundation Board of Directors, we would like to extend our gratitude for the wonderful community response at our Taste of the Towns event that was held on January 25, 2014. We’d like to thank all those guests who attended our event and also those who purchased our Lottery Calendars. We are happy to announce that the Charlton REAS Foundation generated over $12,752.00 with our Taste of the Towns fundraiser and Lottery Calendar sales. In addition to that, we have received generous donations from Millennium Power of $1,000, Southbridge Savings Bank of $3,000 and Incom of $1,500, bringing our total over $18,000.00 to benefit the energy needs of senior citizens in Charlton. This is a phenomenal accomplishment and speaks to the abundant generosity of our community. Read the press release...

January 17, 2014 - Thank you Southbridge Savings Bank!!

Southbridge Savings Bank Donation to REAS

January 2014 Lottery Calendar WINNERS:

1st: Diane Leite
2nd: Robert Boutilette
3rd: Ronald Smolen
4th: Anita Mongeon
5th: Karen Spiewak
6th: Emily Arquin
7th: Pauline Sullivan
8th: Carol Theriault
9th: Tiffany Bates
10th: Rita Reil
11th: Kristy Graves
12th: Rita Reil
13th: Pauline Fontaine
14th: Mike LaRocca
15th: Ronald Parks
16th: Carol Murdock
17th: Robert Guerin Sr.
18th: Ziola Vincent
19th: Jean Russell
20th: Tim Isbell
21st: Mike Farrington
22nd: Spiro Efstathiou
23rd: Mike Flynn
24th: Bonnie Lovely
25th: Annette Blash
26th: Tim Sheehan
27th: Tom Eisnor
28th: Sue Pervier
29th: Susan Egan
30th: Todd Lemon
31st: Joan Philbrook

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