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Holidays on a Budget   

Christmas and other holiday gifts are something on everyone’s minds this time of year, especially if money is tight and getting to a store is difficult. While you might want to get gifts for your children, grandchildren, other family and friends, it might not be feasible to buy dozens of presents. However, there are ways

Staying Healthy During the Holidays

With the holiday season fast approaching and the cold weather coming in, more and more people will probably be feeling “under the weather” in the coming weeks. Getting older as well as the cold weather can weaken the immune system and gathering with more people can heighten the risk of getting sick, especially with COVID-19

Senior Financials

  Financial problems are one of the most crucial issues that face seniors today. Traditional saving methods that seniors now might have partaken in throughout their life most likely don’t add up to what they need today when inflation is taken into account. This financial situation may also be because of expensive health problems or

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