Christmas and other holiday gifts are something on everyone’s minds this time of year, especially if money is tight and getting to a store is difficult. While you might want to get gifts for your children, grandchildren, other family and friends, it might not be feasible to buy dozens of presents. However, there are ways to still let the people in your life know you appreciate them this holiday season without running your bank account dry.


  • Budget If Possible


If you can, budgeting your gift shopping may help you save money. You can make a list of who you need to buy for and make a spending limit that works for you. While this might not always be possible, it helps limit costs and allows traditional gift giving, if that is something you would like. For more information on this go to


  • Make DIY Gifts


Homemade gifts can be even more valuable to your loved ones than store bought ones, and they are often easy on the wallet. Many gifts can be made with things you already had at home, or the materials can be bought cheaply or in bulk, saving money. While not all DIY gifts are doable for all mobility levels, there are certainly options for all abilities, as well as the option of a family member or caretaker helping you. For some ideas on DIY gifts, visit


  • Limit Who You Buy For


Not all holiday celebrations have to include gifts of any kind. Encourage a gift-free gathering or gift games that limit how many gifts you need to buy. For example, games like “White Elephant” make it so only one gift is bought by each player. Everyone still gets a present with some extra fun involved. There are many variations of this game if the traditional one is not your family’s style. Price limits can also be set to ensure that everyone can afford a gift for the game.


While the constant talk about gifts this season may be overwhelming, there are many options to still allow you to celebrate the holidays. Everyone should be able to have a happy holiday season, regardless of financial status. Happy Holidays!


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Written by Rileigh Zacek