Financial problems are one of the most crucial issues that face seniors today. Traditional saving methods that seniors now might have partaken in throughout their life most likely don’t add up to what they need today when inflation is taken into account. This financial situation may also be because of expensive health problems or raising children and not having the privilege to save properly for retirement. Even if a senior can no longer work to make money, there are still ways to save and get by.

Seniors who live in Charlton, Massachusetts can receive help with heating and cooling costs from REAS (Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors).You can apply for heating for the upcoming cold months by filling out a simple application. If you are interested or looking for more information, be sure to look at their website (

Massachusetts has many programs to assist seniors. Some include prescription drug assistance, family caregiver support program, MassHealth for Seniors who Need Long-Term Care Program, Senior Housing, In-Home Services, and much more. These services are put in place by the community to help out seniors who served the same community for years. For more information on these services are more provided by the state you can go to This site also has an elder hotline as well as a contact for reporting elder abuse and neglect.

Financial struggles can be common among seniors and are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about. There are a variety of resources available. You should not hesitate reaching out and looking for help when needed.

By Rileigh Zacek


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