Senior citizens are an incredibly important segment of society. However, a great deal of seniors is completely overlooked due to their age, and that is an absolute shame. Seniors contribute in many ways. Much like any other adult they help keep the economy going by spending money on products and services. They also pay taxes that are used to fund both federal government and local government programs. Senior citizens also donate their time and money to charity. In fact, seniors make more charitable based donations than any other age group.

Senior citizens are also known to look after their grandchildren and are usually happy to baby sit when called upon. Many seniors do housework and yard work and that’s not just for themselves but others as well. Some seniors provide rides for family and friends. Others run errands. Seniors offer friendship and emotional support. They also provide a great deal of care of their spouses who need their help. Throughout our entire history, senior citizens have achieved a great deal for our country, our communities, and our families. That fact remains true to this very day.

It goes without saying that senior should not be overlooked, down graded, or ignored simply because they are older. In fact, just the opposite is true. We should utilize their vast amounts of experience and wisdom in order to learn from the past. Society as a whole would be far better served if we apply that experience and wisdom to both the present and the future. Those are just a few of the reasons why we should celebrate the senior citizens in our community. Some of those valued senior citizens need our help from a financial standpoint.

A great deal of them live 100% off of their social security income, which is not a lot of money to say the least. It’s an unfortunate fact, but there are many seniors that are living at the poverty level or below. The good news is that there is something simple that you can do in order to help ease the burden of seniors who find themselves in this situation. Please consider donating to the Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors Foundation today. All donations benefit Charlton, MA seniors who need help with energy assistance.

It just doesn’t seem fair that there are seniors who have worked hard their whole lives and now can’t afford to pay for basic necessities such as shelter, food, and energy bills. Your generous donations will go a long way in helping the seniors of our community live the lives that they truly deserve. Nobody should be without heat in the winter and air conditioning in the summer, especially our senior citizens.

REAS Foundation (Residential Energy Assistance for Seniors) is a charitable organization that truly believes in the power of community. We also recognize the fact that the greatness of our community is judged by the compassion, contributions, and care for our most vulnerable members. That is why our mission is to help Charlton, MA seniors with their energy needs. By removing that financial burden, our senior community members can live their lives in the comfort and peace that they truly deserve. We care about the health and well being of our senior citizens. Please note that our organization’s service area is exclusive to the Town of Charlton, MA.  Please Contact us to learn more today.